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Mozart in Whangarei

Mozart in Whangarei
So it is not that I found Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Whangarei, but I met Chris, a swiss guy, who is running a restaurant called “ Cafe Mozart“.

He is an amazing chef, experienced for 35 years in his profession and worked all over the world, before he decided to stay in Nz. He is offering his customers chosen and special food which you can call intercontinental. He introduced us to lots of interesting people and so we met a lot of german speaking people, who live now in Nz. It was very funny at this place and we had a great time there together. Chris has been running this place for nearly 6 years now, and he wants to change and is offering this place for sale.

So, if anybody is interested in hospitality, go to Whangarei and have a talk to Chris. I’m sure that he can entertain you anyway, if you are interested or not, so it’s totally worth for it to have a look and have a nice panini for lunch. Cheers to Claire, Graham, Wolfgang, Maria and Willow and all the rest.

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