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We had a adress from a friend in Germany, who’s parents live in Whangarei and so we gave them a call and they were so kind to invite us to their home.

We were so happy about that, not to be lost and to have a place where we can go without spending money for the expencive hotels. We took a bus to Whangarei and we passed a beautiful countryside, mixed with hilly areas and the sea beside. So we didn’t feel the 3 hours. When we arrived in Whangarei we took all our luggage in a local bus, surrounded by barefeet walking Maoris, wondering who we are. Later we’ve been told, that only people with no money use the bus, so we were in the right place.

At least we arrived at the place where the parents of our friend live. Oh it was so good to arrive in warm house, being welcomed so nice and just relax. We had our own bedroom and our own toilet with shower and we felt like arriving at home. First steps: After we sattled down, we slowly made our first steps out of the warm home. At this time it was raining a lot and so we had to buy umbrellas. I went to the town to look for an job, and was so lucky, because in the first bar I arranged to work there. So I came back and we were happy.

The thing was that we allways had to take the bus or do hitchhiking and we felt not independant. So we decided to buy a car and we again were so lucky to find a very cheap one for 600 $ (300 Euro) and in a good condition.

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