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Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Sauna in the south:

We arrived in the morning, were very tired from the trip and were looking for a room. We found one again one at the riverside and were happy with that. Paxse is a busy place and not so scenic. So we decided to rent a bike, which is quite expencive 8 dollars a day. But it was worth to do it, because we went to the biggest waterfalls in Laos called Tad Fen. We thought it would be a very busy place, but for our surprise it is not a commercial place. We hardly found it and nobody was there and we had this beautiness for our own and felt like Tarzan and Jane and Junior.

We enjoyed it very much, because this was the door out of the sauna and very fresh and relaxing.

Wat Pou:
Next day we decided to go to the famost and biggest temple of Laos. It is an ols temple from the Angkor and Khmer and it is part of the World Heritage. The temple is almost oonly ruins but some is kept and you can feel a great spiritual energy there. We went to the top of the temple side and we tried there some water coming out of the rocks and they said that it is very holy and if you drink it you will get luck and happiness. So watch out, people! It was an beautiful day and we enjoyed the ride on the bike, seeing the countryside. At the end we had to drive back in the dark and it was not so easy to do it. But we survived and at the end we deserved a very good cafe au lait.

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