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Die letzten Tage in Laos

Die letzten Tage in Laos

Tad Lo:

Escaping from the heat in Pakse, we went to the Bolaven Plateau which is about 100 km from Pakse. It is much cooler and more fresh there and we found the door leading out of the sauna.
Tad Lo is called the beautiful waterfall and we got a bungalow near it and we could see the waterfall all the day.

So what to do there? First we met a couple Spain/Switzerland and we spent the time together. the first day we were relaxing and take some refreshing breathes. We went to the river and had a fresh bath in it and we were surrounded by many Lao children and had a lot of fun together. We’ve been walking around the area to villages, the people there have nothing to do but they are so peaceful and happy with that.

Everywhere you can see the animals like goats,pigs,cats,hens and dogs living with the people together and that means really together. But for the local people it seemed to be normal to share all their space with them.

The days went like the river was flowing along. I spent the time with playing volleyball with the local guys and they were quite excited as me and i heard all the time the word “ fallang“. O.k. I am the fallang which means the western foreigner. I’m not sure how to take this word, because I don’t feel good with it, but I’m sure that they don’t think about it, we are just the fallang.

Leon also found some new friend like everywhere and football is connecting all the world.

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