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On the run

On the run

Hey folks.

We are still in Chang Mai, but tomorrow we are going to leave and go to Pai. We are going to take a local bus, because we dont want to treated like cows, which are put in organized busses and tours. So we want to discover the country by our own.

Yesterday we rent a motorbike and went to a holy temple in the mountains. I tried to concentrate at the temple and to catch the spirit of the place, that was once upon a time. Many people, foreigners and locals searching for luck and peace and taking „nice“ photos. The ride was exciting, because the roads were all serpentined and very cool to drive. We hope to find some place in Thailand, far away rom all the organized tours, to reach some peace and quieteness. thailand is polluted by the dollars and it is hard to see a lot of foreigners with the local women, who accompany them and make them to have a „nice“ holiday with all their needs. Anyway we are ina good mood and full of hope and still try to overbring our mainly message:
“ You all are beautiful, too!“ See You soon on the web.

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